Marty Erzinger helped my father build his cabin

For those lucky enough to have developed a high net worth, there comes a time to start enjoying life instead of worrying about your finances.  This was the situation that my parents were in a couple of years ago when my father sold the business that he had started thirty years earlier.  While my parents were born into a privileged income bracket, they worked hard to increase their net worth to the point where they could retire in their mid fifties and know that they had nothing to worry about.  My parents wanted to relax in their golden years.  But, at the same time, they wanted their children to be able to inherit enough money to guarantee them that they would live a comfortable life.  My parents met with Marty Erzinger at Sanctuary Advisors and he was able to construct a plan that would guarantee a comfortable return on investment of my parents’ small fortune while allowing them to forget about it and enjoy their retirement.  My father had worked hard most of his life and didn’t bother with some of his simplest desires in his youth.  After my parents entrusted Marty Erzinger with their wealth, my father decided that he wanted to pursue some of his fancies from childhood.  My father bought some acreage in the mountains of Colorado and decided that he wanted to build his own cabin.  While my father owned several homes of his own, he felt like there was something special about a man taking the time to create a home from the ground up.  He read a lot of Henri David Thoreau during this time.  The nature of the property was such that he could only work full time for about 6 months out of the year.  The other six months were possible to work in on and off due to the large amounts of snow that the property received.  The first summer, he cut down all the trees and collected all the rocks.  Over the summer, the trees dried out.  The next summer, he built the cabin.  It took him about a month to create the foundation our of the large rocks that he mined from the property.  He then spent the rest of the summer stacking the logs on top of one another to build the walls.  He wanted to finish the enclosure before the big snows, so he worked into the winter creating a very primitive roof that he constructed by placing sod on top of aspen beams.  The cabin was quite impressive considering that my father built it by himself.  It would have made the early pioneers of Colorado proud.  I can tell that that cabin is one of the crowning achievements of my father’s life.  It only took him two years to build it, but in a lot of ways, he had been working to get to the point where he could build it for his whole life.  Marty Erzinger and his wealth management strategy allowed my father to build his cabin without him having to worry about his investments.

Marty Erzinger

General Steel Helped My Church When We Were In a Bind

         I am a dedicated member of my church congregation, and I spend the majority of my time helping out our youth group.  We actually have one of the largest youth groups in the entire nation, thanks to all of the space we have in our church.  We have an entire dedicated wing to our youth group, actually, so that definitely puts us on the map.  With all of our recognition and notoriety, we’ve become a hotspot for national youth group conferences, which can be a major stress at times, but also a very high praise.

    So, imagine my reaction when I was given the biggest news of my life:  Our church had been chosen to host the entirety of a North American youth group event!  I was floored at such an honor, and was extremely excited for the opportunity.  Of course, I accepted the invitation, and started to make arrangements and invitations not only for youth groups around the United States, but those from Canada and Mexico as well!  But then it struck me.  I had neglected to think about all of the space we had available!  I was in a heated panic for a few seconds, but then I realized that we had a trusted ally on our side, General Steel.  We had used their services multiple times in the past, so I called them up right away to get a quote for our new expansion to be added for the North American conference.

    In less than 24 hours I had received a quote for the new expansion we would need for our conference.  Thankfully, the North American planning committee was well ahead of schedule, so I had no worries when it came to the time limit for our project.

    After our initial quote, we got to having our order delivered to us in no time to spare.  Even though this was going to be one of our largest and most ambitious projects to date, we knew we had the help of General Steel on our side.  With their nationwide resources of reliable and local contractors, we were able to find a specialized team to help us construct our biggest project to date!  In the end, everything looked amazing, and we knew that General Steel’s 50 year warranty was going to keep us in good hands.

    When the time came to have all of our youth groups fly in, we had more than enough space to accommodate them!  During the entire conference, all of the supervisors commented on the high quality build of the pre engineered steel building, and I was happy to refer them General Steel, as I knew that while they had a strong customer base in the United States, they also worked on the international level, so working on Canadian and Mexican soil would be no problem at all.  After the conference was said and done, our church was given yet another award for outstanding service in hosting a youth group conference!  If it had not been for General Steel and their prompt service and quality steel buildings, we would not have the recognition we have today.

The ergonomics of the modern kitchen

In modern society, ergonomics has taken hold of many an industry. For workplace design to home efficiency to kitchen cabinets, everyone is talking about how best to make a space efficient and functional in order to improve the impact on the modern body. The result has been quite astounding. We now see people working at standing desks rather than at sitting ones. We see computers and workstations designed in such a way as to encourage people to think more consciously about the way they use their workspace to make it work for them. The modern home’s kitchen has taken a similar turn. As with most trends in new society, the kitchen is one of the most interesting places to identify and study changes in human ideology and behavior. For example, the early kitchens were designed with some notions of efficiency and workspace compatibility, but largely the spaces were left untouched at the area in which the servants worked. Once efficiency became the name of the game in the industrial era, we see kitchens taking a similar move towards this efficiency, with the introduction of the cabinet as we know it today. Now, kitchen design is moving even more forward as the study of ergonomics has taken over as the prevailing modern ideology.

The modern kitchen is particularly good at utilizing space in such a way as to encourage efficiency as well as functionality. The kitchen design has somewhat stretched out over time, and today we see kitchens that tend towards taller ceilings and bare walls rather than walls covered in wall paper. This has an impact on the way the kitchen is designed as well as the choice in kitchen cabinetry. We also have seen more expensive appliances and trends that encourage more appliances and space saving measures. This has led us to the ergonomics of kitchen cabinetry.

http://www.thekitchenshowcase.comA research study done by anthropologists studied the way that humans and homeowners interact with their kitchen cabinets. The study has identified a few ways in which the modern homeowner utilizes his or her kitchen. One of the important ways of understanding this has been in the new move towards not simply more kitchen cabinets but more functional kitchen cabinets. We now see that homeowners value deeper kitchen cabinets and drawers, and said drawers and cabinets are designed with the storage of a specific appliance or material in mind. This change has had a significant impact on kitchen design, and helps us to understand just how geared towards functionality new homeowners are. Pull out shelving, lazy susans, pull out spice cabinets, and others demonstrate how much we intend to focus on functionality and ergonomics, preventing excess bending and twisting to be sure that everyone is interacting with the kitchen in the best way possible. This even goes as far as kitchen drawers and cabinets that have soft close mechanisms on them in order to keep the noise level to a minimum. Cabinet design is just one way in which the modern family has continued to step forward into the modern era.

We contacted an industrial construction company when a pipe burst

I work on the assembly line at a factory that makes household cleaning products.  After working here for just a short amount of time, I switched my family to all natural cleaners.  I could not believe the chemicals and other toxins that go into many household cleaning products.  At work, I wear heavy gloves, glasses, and a mask to keep myself from inhaling dangerous chemicals and getting them on my skin.  The guys I work with think I’m crazy, but I tell them that they should be careful, because these ingredients are harmful.  Unfortunately many of my coworkers learned this the hard way.  It was a Thursday, and I woke up with a horrible cold.  My kids had had it the previous week, and I was worried I was going to get it also, well I did.  I was upset about missing a day of work, because I needed the money, but my wife insisted that I stay home. Around 11am I had gotten a call from work- a pipe had burst at my assembly line.  The guys I worked with had all been victims of the hot chemicals that burst out of the pipe.  Exposure to shards of metal and toxic substances had meant that many of them were now in the ER getting treatments which ranged from stitches, to treating chemical burns.  The next day, I visited many of my co-workers and they all agreed I had it right, although rubber gloves and a face mask wouldn’t have protected me from harm in this situation.

My whole team was given paid leave for several weeks while the factory worked on repairing the pipes.  From what I heard, they had to hire an industrial construction company to come in, asses the damage, look at what types of materials we were using, and replace the pipes.  After the first two weeks of waiting, we got a call that it would be another two weeks.  It turns out that our pipes weren’t the only ones which were old and corroded, but more pipes needed to be replaced throughout the factory.  According to a memo that was sent around by our CEO, pipe fabrication has advanced a lot since the pipes in our factory were installed about 50 years ago.  Pipes are now designed to be thinner, but more durable, and they have much stricter regulations that they must meet in order to be used in an industrial setting.  There was also an explanation of the type of piping that they would be using, including an in depth explanation of the safety regulations in place.

When we got back to work, we had brand new, very sturdy looking pipes.  We will have inspectors coming through once every six months to inspect all of the pipes and do any maintenance work to ensure nothing like this happens again.  I am very glad that my bosses decided to hire a reputable industrial construction company to come in, clean up the damage, and provide undoing maintenance to ensure that we are all in a safe work environment.

Galleries and in home consultations make selecting window treatments easy!

It can be a real challenge when you must select window treatments and other decorations for your home. It can be difficult to do this because you want to be sure that you are investing in the right items. Are you certain that the color scheme is just right? Do you know whether or not the product you are selecting will last for a long time, or will it fade and end up on your list of products you regretted purchasing? How can you be absolutely certain of what you are doing?

The reality of life is that you may never be one hundred percent certain about what you are doing. There will always be doubts that creep into your mind, and that is both natural and completely alright. The important thing that you can focus on is keeping these doubts at bay. One way to do that is by selecting a known and trusted company to partner with you when you are making decisions that are tricky, like picking out blinds and drapes to spruce up your home. When you live in the greater Valparaiso, Indiana area, this decision is simple, and it is one you know you can trust. Calling Doelling Decorating Center is the first step to making decisions that you will not doubt. You will not have to be concerned about your selections, and that little shadow and specter that is doubt will not haunt you, because you will know that you have selected a company that is known and trusted in the industry and will allow you to make the very best decisions for you and your home.

 http://www.doellings.comThe next step in ensuring that you have made the right call is by taking advantage of the free in home consultations that many stores offer as well as by utilizing the style gallery that most stores keep fresh and up to date with the latest trends and styles in the industry. When you go with a group like Doelling Decorating Center, you know that you can trust their design specialists to help you make the very best decision possible. Their in home and in store consultations help you select the blinds that best match your personality as well as your home. You can trust these representatives to be trained in the products they are selling and to have your best interests at the forefront of their minds at all times. That is why Doelling Decorating Center has been in business since 1921; they put the customer first.

Their in store gallery is also a great way to get in touch with the many different styles they have to offer. Their gallery is filled with every product that they offer, and you know that when you step through the door of the gallery, you will see the best products all shown the way they were intended. You will be able to see which Hunter Douglas products are best for you, and you will not fear selecting the wrong thing because you will see how fabulous they look in real life! Throw your doubts out the window, calling Doelling Decorating Center!

Shop Around For ATVs and Other Machines

My travels in India have had a huge impact upon me. One of the most memorable experiences in India, and I hear from other Americans that they agree, is haggling and negotiating. This is just something that we do not really do in the States. I have heard about people haggling for the cost of hotel rooms. There may be some ways that people could fudge the price a little. But by and large, haggling is just not an American phenomenon.


That is the case, unless you are buying a used motorcycle from some good old boy in Indiana. Nothing in the markets of India could have prepared me for the haggling that I would find when I tried to buy used motorcycles. While I do not necessarily recommend lots of haggling for bikes because you do not really get the guarantee that the bike is what you think that it is, it did teach me a lesson. That lesson is that you need to shop around a bit when you are looking for Honda motorcycles. When you go from place to place and try to find the best price, it is kind of like you are haggling, except that you are doing it with lots of people instead of just one.


You could start with a friend of a friend (the place where it always seems to start) and then you could move onto to the classifieds. But I would recommend just going straight to the dealerships. They will offer you what these haggling good old boys cannot. That is security and assurance that what it is that you are buying is what you think that you are buying. And this is not exclusive to motorcycles. The very same idea applies to dirt bikes and ATVs, although I am inclined to think that the haggling motorcyclist is a special breed. When you buy from a dealership—whether or not that dealership is selling only new bikes, only used bikes, or both—you get a bit of buyer’s insurance. If something is messed up, you will almost certainly have a warranty. This does not always work when your form of a warranty is a gentleman’s agreement. At the end of the day, the dealership is going to give your more assurance of your purchase.



But this is not the only reason to go with a dealership. The other reason is that they can offer you more support if and when something goes wrong. You do not have to hunt for parts if you need to make a repair. Do you not know how to do your own repairs? That is no problem. The dealership will have their own mechanics on hand that are able to take care of whatever you need. I love haggling. I really do. But it is more fun as a sport. When there is money on the line and a piece of machinery that could result in a very serious injury if it malfunctions, it is best to go with the experts.

Home Theatre in a Box Systems More Convenient to Choose and Buy

For most laypeople, even to audiophiles and “videophiles,” home theatre systems are complicated especially in finding the right mix of components. Even those who are good with electronics can get confused, sometimes.

There are two major sets of components in a home theatre system: the audio set, and the video set. Those who have the enough knowledge, money, and time would create their own system by combining different sets or brands of audio and video components. But, most of the people just neither have the knowledge, the money, nor the time to check out, analyze, decide, and purchase all those different components separately.

home theatre systems

home theater system speakers

That is why most electronics companies have created, distributed, marketed their own sets of home theatre systems, aptly called as the Home Theater in a Box System.

Electronics manufacturers all share the same marketing objective when they came up with the Home Theater in a Box System – they just want their customers to have a seamless home theater experience right down from the installation to the actual use.

Home theatre systems that come pre-packaged as a set have all the components and equipment that you will need to have that awesome videos and rich sound on your own pad or home.  Most home theatre in a box sets are easy to use, and still yet provide the desired picture and sound quality required from a good home theatre system.

The advantage is obvious: convenience. You need not scour stores looking for the different parts and components as they already come in one package, with all component equipment already compatible with each other. Home automation has never been so easy.

Now, the question becomes what home theatre in a box set you should choose. What components should you ensure that are there to maximize your home theatre experience, or at the very least, have a good quality one.

All home theatre in a box sets have speakers.  The number, size, shape, and connectivity of those speakers vary from one set to another, however. In some brands, their packages have tower speakers. In others, they have center speakers or woofers.  The right type of speakers should depend on the size and shape of the room where your home theatre systems would be placed.

In choosing the right home theatre in a box system, you should highly consider the richness and the density of the sound that the system speakers produce. The quality is dependent on whether there is a sound decoder included in the home theatre system, the number of satellite speakers, and the “flavors” of Dolby Digital sound that the system supports.

Choose the home theater in a box package that has an integrated Blu-ray player. Although, it is not completely necessary, you do, however, have to first ensure that the system is compatible with the player (either DVD or Blu-ray player) that you already have at home.  If you still use a DVD player, make sure that the system you will choose properly scales the images and sound.

A reputable Denver home theatre store recommends these systems:  Sony 3D Blu-ray Home Theater System; the Samsung Smart Home Theater; or the Philips Blu-ray Home Theater System.

The importance of a title company

If you are buying or selling a home you are going to want the help of a title company to help you get through the process. A title company will help you make sure that the title you have is legitimate and legally binding for the property that is being sold. The title company does this by doing a title search which is essentially a large examination of property records to make sure that the person who is selling the house is indeed the full and correct owner of the property. This can save the buyer from instances where either the seller is trying to get away with something less than honest or if there is someone else in the picture who might have partial rights to the home, with or without the sellers knowledge. During the title search the title company will also do a search for any Title Companyoutstanding mortgages on the home, liens, judgments or unpaid taxes that are attached to that property so you aren’t accidentally held accountable for something unknowingly. The last thing that most title companies will do is double check the property lines of the home so you know exactly how much land your property sits on, where the boarders are with all of the neighbors and if there are any encroachments on the property that might change or threaten ownership of any part of the property. By having this check done the buyer knows they will not have any future surprises down the road, at least when it comes to the title of the home. The title company you hire will also help you find title insurance if you think you could need it, title insurance will protect the seller of the property against any lawsuit or claims against the previous owner of the property for any disagreements over the title or the land. A title company can also maintain an escrow account for you if you would like. Having an escrow account will hold all of the money needed close on the home, this ensures that the money will be used for the closing and settling costs and nothing else. Once all of the proper checks have been made, the title company will go through the finalizing steps of the purchase and make sure that all of the new titles, deeds and other important documents are filed with all of the different places. Trying to do this yourself can be incredibly complicated with a lot of room for possible error. That is why it is such a great idea to hire a professional title company so you don’t have to run around any more crazy than you already probably are. Selling or buying a house is a big endeavor and it is worth it to have someone on your side who is knowledgeable about the process and can help you from making any painful or costly mistakes. There are a number of helpful title companies in your area to make sure to talk to one before selling or buying a house so you can rest assured that you are getting a fair deal.

Obtaining a Bridge Loan to secure property

When dealing with commercial properties there are many stipulations that make getting a traditional loan a little trickier for it. Commercial loan can be similar to a bridge loan and what it does with the property. Hello many times before people stipulations may exist in which it is harder for them to obtain the traditional loan. This is where bridge lenders are able to step in and take the place. Other bridge loan is typically done for a shorter amount of time and uses higher interest-rate say helped provide many people the opportunity to change the way that the loan situation is by attaining it for a short amount of time then being able to access traditional lending to roll back into something more convenient long-term. The property could have something that needs to be built on it or designed in a certain way in order to obtain traditional lending. It may be a matter of time that is causing it to foreclose or other matters that may exist and what you require the ability to close quickly on the property. This is what having a bridge loan can do for the commercial property. Not all loans are the same so knowing what these loans can do for you can help to ensure that you will be able to obtain for home onto a property that may be in jeopardy. Bridge loans can be used to obtain the property why you wait for other transactions to occur to make the lending possible. bridge lenderYou may need to change the state of the property or the structure to make it available for traditional loans. Whatever the reason is being able to have this as an option helps many people to be able to secure the property without having to risk it when going through some changes for the property.  Knowing the requirements for your particular hard money lenders are important to ensure that you will be able to have the funding you need to make it a possibility. Be familiar with all of the details that your bridge loan is going to need to make it a possibility. Even though it is a hard money loan it doesn’t mean that is going to be question free. Often times the lender will need to know exactly what you plan to do with the property and how. You may have certain obligations to meet within the terms of the loan and being familiar with and one sure that you were able to benefit and not lose out on what the loan is providing for you. When you know that there’s usually a typical amount of money that his financed as well can be part of making it a reality. Many of  these loans can even be set up as interest-only in order to benefit the most from what is offered in these loans. Loans can close at a much higher room rate time wise so it also makes it a possibility for many people to meet deadlines are certain criteria that may be involved with the property. If you decide a bridge loan is right for you be sure that you know and understand the details and the risks involved. He can be a great way to obtain property and make a successful business adventure but always making sure you can perform as a contract reads is an important thing to realize as always.


I Never Imagined I Would Need Braces As An Adult But This Time Around I Got Invisalign

I vividly remember wearing braces as a child. The metal braces put on me by our family dentist were sharp, painful all the time, and required constant attention or I would inevitably end up with food stuck in my teeth somewhere and someone laughing at it. While a lot of adults my age talk about having had braces as a kid, when I was kid, I felt like I was all alone in having them and I struggled with them, and my glasses, for years. It took me a long time to grow comfortable in my own skin and it was not until college, with contact lenses and braces-free where I truly felt like myself and had the confidence to be my own person.

Imagine my disappointment then, when, after my most recent teeth cleaning with the family dentist that I still see, she informed me she thought I was going to need braces again. I did not need them immediately she said, but she had noticed a slight shift in my most recent x-rays and was worried about the longer term for my teeth. Remembering how much I hated them as a child when she treated me then as well, she knew I was not going to react well but she also pointed out various other options such as Invisalign, which had advanced orthodontic technology significantly. Children and adults alike could now wear braces that were nearly invisible unless you were actually looking for them.

I, of course, heard none of her speech after the word braces. I was immediately flashing back to those days when I cringed every time I looked in the mirror and refused to smile. I knew I was a much more confident adult than I was a child and I could handle the hit to my appearance significantly better nowadays, but I was still so disappointed. As a professional woman in the work place, I was worried that braces would mean I would be taken less seriously, that they would be painful as they were back then, and that even more importantly, they would get in the way of the wedding my fiance and I were planning, just over a year away.

She assured me pretty quickly that if I got the braces put on right away that they would not only be off before the wedding – she promised – but that my teeth would also be straighter and look better in pictures. This almost had me convinced but I was still slightly doubtful. What if we got to the wedding and she decided my teeth needed just a few more weeks? She promised she would take them off before the wedding no matter what, even if they had to go back on afterwards. And she assured me by showing me countless pictures that there was no way anyone at work would notice unless they were very close up, and even if they did notice, they would likely understand that I had needed braces and chosen the best possible kind to maintain my professionalism.

cosmetic dentist

Great web design can be effective marketing for real estate

real estate marketing

Are you a real estate agent or realtor looking to reach a wider audience? Do you have the right tools to target that audience and turn those efforts into money? Are you making the most of this exciting time in the housing market? If you think your company can be doing more to target your demographic and to sell more houses you should contact the real estate marketing gurus. This is a marketing firm based in Denver that will help your real estate company reach more clients. This marketing firm can handle web design, SDO, pay per click marketing and social media branding. With their comprehensive approach to marketing you are sure to hit your target and find your customers.

Have you or your company joined the many other real estate agents with websites? What about a mobile friendly site? If a customer is on their smart phone and wants to learn more about your service on-the-fly, can they? These days is not only important to have a presence on the web but to have a presence on people smart phones as well. If you think about it every person carries around a small computer in their pocket and if you can reach them on this device the well-placed ads and a full-court marketing campaign you could greatly increase the odds that these users will buy your product. In fact, according to the data gathered by the real estate marketing gurus 67% of mobile users are more likely to buy your product if there’s a mobile friendly site. 67%! Of course just having a website does not necessarily guarantee you success because you need to have a hard-working team on your side to promote your business tirelessly. You need a marketing firm to conduct all of the analytics and reporting so as to know which areas you’re having more success in and which areas need to be changed. The days of print media ruling the roost are over and now you need to have a full on comprehensive campaign.
Promoting your real estate to a wider audience all starts with real estate web design. There are affordable plans that can be tailored to your real estate company’s needs and many are PPC in nature. The great thing about pay per click advertising is that it gives your agency and adaptable approach to marketing that gets positive results. Let’s face it, when you are searching for something on line do you ever scroll to the third and fourth page of results? The odds are you answered no to this question as many people rarely go beyond the first page. If you wish to be one of the companies on the first page of a search engine result you need the real estate marketing gurus. With their effective real estate SEO articles and comprehensive strategy you will see your search engine results rising and your traffic rising as well.
Over 80% of Americans use online search engines for shopping and with a startling figure like that there is no doubt where companies today are focusing their priorities.

Reduce the To-Do List

             There is a great line from a song of my favorite country music singers. “I woke up early this morning, and I’m already running late. There a list of things as long as my arm that I won’t get done today.” There just aren’t enough hours in the days, it seems sometimes. Whatever it is that you have on your plate, where it is work or school or family obligations, everyone experiences that feeling of fleeting time at some point. And I was just thinking the other day at a time when I would have paid large sums of money for an extra day in the week, that if I were planning wedding at the same time that I was doing all of my other normal stuff, I would have no idea what I would do. It would be too much. When I actually talk to people that are planning weddings, it seems relentless. I do not know how they do it. They have to find clothes. They have to arrange a cake. They have to find a wedding venue. They have to think about the music and playlists. No one thing is a huge deal. Instead, it is all just a lot of little pieces of the puzzle that accumulates to the wedding, itself.


There are some ways to alleviate this stress. Some people hire a wedding planner. This could be a good option for some people. If you have a very specific desire for a very specific place, then this is a good option. If you refuse to get married anywhere but a very specific park, then a wedding planner could work. But if you are less rigid about the location of the wedding, you have another option. That option is to go with a wedding venue that specializes in weddings. There are beautiful, sprawling estates that have the specific function of housing weddings. Much of this originally has to do with the building or estate itself. Because the estate is particularly beautiful or the house on the property is old and elegant, people may have regularly requested to have their weddings there. After a while, the owner decides to just specialize in weddings and rent out the space for the public.



But the advantage to going with wedding venues like these is that they will do many of the functions of a wedding planner. Because they always have people coming in to have weddings, they have to have certain resources on hand in order to accommodate them. Consider lodging for guests as an example. They have to have a hotel or inn nearby in order to give the guests a place to stay. If they did not, not many people would have their weddings there. It would restrict weddings to only people who live nearby. Lodging is just one example of the kind of resources that a wedding venue has to have on hand. Because of this, your to-do list will be cut in half, giving you more time to attend to other parts of the wedding or just to take a deep breath and relax.

It is Important to Have the Phone Number of a Twenty Four Hour Emergency Water Damage Restoration Business in Phoenix.

water damage restoration business in PhoenixSometimes it may seem like the struggle to keep your home in good working order is one that cannot ever be won.  Nonetheless, if you are vigilant and know the right people to call, most maintenance issues can be fixed, without too much trouble.  That being said, you sometimes have to act quickly.  That is certainly the case, when it comes to flooding and water damage.  This is why it is so important to have the phone number of a twenty four hour emergency water damage restoration business in Phoenix.  They are available twenty four hours a day because, oftentimes, waiting until morning can prove disastrous.

People often underestimate water damage because water is so common and seemingly harmless.  Nonetheless, water damage is one of the most expensive kinds of damage to deal with because it is so pervasive and difficult to reverse.  You have the best chances of being able to reverse the damage, though, if you manage to have a qualified water damage company deal with it right away.  Water damage that has had time to set in is often much more challenging to get rid of.  That being said, even if your water damage is old, you still should call water damage restoration specialist, in order to establish the extent of the damage.  The consultations are free, so you have nothing to lose by calling them.  On the other hand, if you fail to call them when you should have, you may end up losing thousands of dollars worth of property that could have been salvaged, otherwise.  In short, it is never smart to be flippant about water damage of any kind.

The exact course of action that the Phoenix water damage contractors will take, depends on the source of the water damage, the extent, and the length of time it has existed.  If there is currently a leak or other issue that is pumping water into your home, they will, obviously, need to stop the water, before they can begin restoring or repairing anything.  This is done by ceasing the flow of water, in some way.  If the water is coming from a leaky pipe, it is usually fairly easy to stop the leak, as long as they shut off the water supply.  In the case of flooding, it is a bit trickier to cut off the flow of the water, as it is coming from outside your home.  Once they have managed to stop the flow of the water, they need to extract every bit of it quickly, so mold does not have time to grow and the damage will be minimized.  If it takes too long for the moisture to get extracted, most of the wooden materials that came in contact with the water may be badly damaged.  On the other hand, if you manage to get the water out soon enough, you can save yourself thousands of dollars by protecting your woodwork from harm.  Luckily, even if your possessions are badly damaged, reputable Phoenix water damage professionals should be able to save the majority of them.

The transportation possibilites are endless with Aspen Distribution

When you think about selecting a trucking company, you think about many different aspects of the service you imagine you will be receiving. There are the varying services that the company can offer you as well as the standard packages that most trucking companies make available to clients and customers. However, when you are selecting a transportation and warehousing service, you want to make sure that you truly are getting the very best that any company has to offer. So, what sets these companies apart from each other? What is there to look for in a company that makes it different and that allows you to truly have all that you could need or want in a trucking company? There are a few ways that a company can do this, but Aspen Distribution makes a special effort to provide its clients with all of the best services that they could want from a cartage company. They never leave a client feel unimportant, and are particularly skilled at making every client and every customer’s projects a priority for the company. You need not fear that your work will be sloughed off to the side and not taken seriously. You can depend on the fact Aspen Distribution has been in the business for many years to ensure that your projects will be accomplished effectively and efficiently. There are a few things in particular that sets this company apart of the others. Distribution’s focus on accuracy, timeliness, and detail orientation makes them a warehouse that you can trust. Their attention to detail and the logistics of the job are especially important in setting them above the rest. Indeed, Aspen Distribution prides themselves on their logistics oriented business model. They know that this is the best way for them to make their business the best that there is, which is why they focus on making logistics better than anything else. Their distribution process is also especially important in setting apart a distribution company from the rest. Their services strive for accuracy, and their methodology is the best for getting this done. Intermodal, truck load, and LTL service on a same day or next day basis all across the Front Range is also particularly important, and a service that they offer as part of the regular package at Aspen Distribution. Rocky Mountain Regional and National coverage is also easy to achieve with Aspen Distribution’s partner carrier’s across the country. This means that the service you will be getting is not only effective with this area but covers a vast span in order to ensure that your service is the very best that there is. The drivers who are employed by Aspen Distribution are also excellent at keeping you up to date about the products they are transporting. They all carry cell phones or radio phones to keep you updated with up to the minute communication about the location of your product. Their drivers are courteous, well mannered, and professional. With all of these factors combined, Aspen Distribution Services are the best in the business!

The Three Categories Used To Describe Water Damage

water damage restorationWhen you call in a water damage restoration company for services, one of the first assessments that will be made include the category of water that’s trickled – or surged in the home. Once you’ve read the different categories, you’ll come to see why this is so important.

The Main Types of Water Damage

Clean Water – the water damage in the home might have been caused by leaks from the sink pipe. Someone may have left a shower running all day long, and this has flooded the home. You’ll be surprised by what stress and excitement can lead people to do. These sources of water damage are considered to be sanitary and are listed as category one.

Grey Water – on the other hand, water from the dishwasher or washing machine will include detergents, food particles and other contaminants that could also cause illness if the person were to consume this type of water. Other sources of grey water include from a toilet for instance, where human waste is present, and this can lead to illness for those exposed. These sources of water damage are classified as category two. Another example of a category two is water damage from ceiling leaks – which may be caused by a bad roof. In this event, there may be other contaminants in the water, such as insect waste.

Unsanitary Water – are from sources such as floodwater or sewers. Prolonged and ungeared exposure to this type of water can lead to serious illness. This category three water damage especially needs the help of a professional water damage restoration company to clean up safely. This type of water will contain bacteria, viruses, the most common of which includes hepatitis C, as well as other microorganisms.

How is the water tested? The experts will have specialty equipment to run tests, and also find the source of the water through physical evaluations.

Based on these industry classifications, the water damage repairer can then proceed to create a cleanup plan that will comply with sanitation and safety requirements outlined by regulatory boards.

Sanitation will include the use of hot water, as well as other disinfectants to eliminate the presence of bacteria and viruses, should the home, and the contents therein be salvaged. As a special note, some equipment such as those used for evaporating the area will not be placed in effect, until the area is wholly sanitized.

Another assessment that the water damage repairer will make is the rate of evaporation needed to restore the home to good standing. In order for the home or area to become livable again, the company will need to extract the excess water, with a pump. Furthermore, several standards will be set up to increase the measure of evaporation, including with fans, driers, dehumidifiers and more.

Non porous items and surfaces like the ceilings and dry walls will take the least amount of time to dry. However, for carpets and upholstery, a few extra days are needed to eliminate all the water and excess moisture.

There are also specialty drying methods required for some surfaces including hardwood floors, which will need ventilation and air to reduce swelling.


Personal Applications for Steel Buildings

Steel buildings are being used in a range of settings including personally and for commercial use. This article will however explore the use of metal buildings in personal or residential applications:

Backyard Office – telecommuters can setup a cozy office space to call their own, away from the clutter and duties of the main home. Having a home office furthermore helps users feel as though they’re still in a professional setting – just with more perks including cutting down on commuting time as well as the expense of gas on an everyday basis.

Garage – if the home you purchased wasn’t built with a garage, and you live in climates that are frequented by storms, hail and snow, then a metal building garage will benefit you in more ways than one. For starters, a garage will more than likely help to prolong the life of a car and other equipment that may be stored therein. It also preserves the car’s paint against burnout from scorching UV rays. In addition, think about how much time and back breaking work you will save from having to shovel snow and ice away from the car in order to get back and forth between home, work and other around-the-town trips. A metal building garage therefore, will be somewhat of a life saver for homeowners in these settings.

Storage Building – is your home overfilled with clutter and other items that make it hard to find what you need? There’s saying that a cluttered home equals a clutter mind. If you’d like to finally cut the cord on disorganization, but don’t quite know where to start – a good place is to get the added space you need to storm items that are still valuable to you, but ones that are only used once in a while.

The more organized your home, the better your productivity levels in and outside of family life. The storage steel building can furthermore be used for more utilities including, to store equipment such as lawn mowers of John Deere ride-ons. In addition, there are also metal buildings that can be used for the storage of larger vehicles and transportation such as RVs and boats.

A Home Away From Home – metal buildings are now very commonly used to build secret getaways, right in the back of the homeowner’s homes. There are opportunities to have mini staycations without breaking the budget. The added bonus is that you’re able to get away as often as you’d like, and these homes can be arranged for one or all members of the family. As clichéd as this may sound, men may want man caves, while women may want a relaxing haven to melt away the stress of slicing and dicing everyday responsibilities in a juggling act. Furthermore, parents may set up an additional space outside where children can play without wreaking havoc in the home, or spend the entire day wiling away at the TV, electronics, or video games for instance.

Another common personal use for the steel building would be to use as a guest cottage.

How To Get A General Steel Building Price

To find out how much a General Steel building costs, consider the following tips:

Go Online – and request a quote. Be as detailed as possible regarding the request, especially if the building will be custom designed according to your own specifications. A one on one consultation may be required in order to get the most accurate quote when planning.

Peruse Floor Plans – just as how you’d view a number of products and prices online, it’s no different when it comes to General Steel buildings. Users are able to shop by niche group, whether it’s a residential or commercial building. Another search criteria would be to shop by the size of the building and the capacity. The company will have several standard sizes and these are classified under each industry.

After finding the price of the steel building you’re interested in, consider taking advantage of the price lock feature if you’re not buying right away.

Consider the price locking building mechanism for General Steel, which allows potential owners to safeguard a quoted price by making an initial deposit and then pay off the remaining amount within the agreed time frame.

Many customers when purchasing a steel building or planning the construction of any kind of building for that matter, won’t usually purchase right away. Instead they will need to consider a range of factors before proceeding including the cost as well as:

The Land Space – where will the building be situated, and in what location? Will the location increase profits or be a hindrance the business’ bottom line? This is an important question to answer for at-profit organizations.

The Practicality – buyers will ask themselves whether a steel building is practical for use in their niche. Today, steel buildings are as popular as ever, and these are used in churches, on farms, for homes, businesses, and much more.

The Zoning Codes – one other important factor to consider would be if the building will pass local zoning codes. If it doesn’t, then it would be a waste of investment, or it may delay the opening of a business.

Buyers have a number of resources to help the buying decision become a lot easier. Some of these resources include:

Customer Service Reps – from General Steel that is, who would be happy to answer any outstanding questions you might have.

Price Lock – to help secure the purchase, even if all the funding has not yet been secured.

3D Simulators – which essentially help you try before you buy – on a computer screen that is. You will be able to get an in-depth view of the layout of the facility not only on blueprint, but get a visual, minute scale model that showcase the interior and exterior space of any of the buildings selected.

Accessories – shop around for steel building accessories or services that help make the property more convenient and stylish. These can be perused on the official General Steel website.

Steel buildings are ultimately an exceptional choice since they’re considered to be green as well as durable and stylish.

Getting Relief From Hot Flashes At An Urgent Care

Urgent Care ChandlerHave you hit another life stage where hot flashes are now the norm? There’s relief with the help of a medical professional. For patients without a regular family doctor and ones that are waiting for openings at local doctors in town, there’s a faster and more affordable option for care – these are at urgent care centers. Such medical facilities provide evaluations, diagnoses and treatments at low cost rates without the patient having to schedule appointments in advance. If you’ve had your fair share of hot flashes and are now serious about relief, be sure to walk in and speak to a doctor.

Here are some details regarding hot flashes:

Your urgent care doctor will ask you to describe your current symptoms, which will typically be a rush of hot feelings all over your body – hence the name hot flashes. Other symptoms include a fast heartbeat that may often feel like a heart attack, as described by many patients. The patient may also sweat profusely especially during the night.

The doctor will inquire how long these symptoms have lasted and also evaluate the age of each patient before making the diagnosis and prescribing any form of medication. One additional step the doctor will take to ensure that there’s no harm caused to the patient’s health is whether they’re taking any medications that aren’t to be mixed with menopausal prescription medicines. The most common treatments for hot flashes are estrogen and many of these are sold over the counter at many local pharmacies. Nevertheless, sometimes stronger doses and other hormones may be necessary, in which case a physician will need to furnish a prescription.

Due to the fact that estrogen may cause other illnesses, the urgent care physician will weigh the pros and cons based on the patient’s history as well as a detailed physical. Some natural therapies are discussed below.

Hot flashes are furthermore fueled by other elements which includes the diet of the patient as well as their stress levels. The more stress, caffeine, alcohol and depression one may succumb to, the more hot flashes may be experienced according to medical studies.

Home Remedies for Hot Flashes

Home remedies for dealing with hot flashes include always keeping a cooled beverage handy or turning down the air to a cooler temperature in your home. The urgent care doctor may additionally recommend purchasing a few products on the marketplace that’s dedicated to this demographic, which includes cool gel pills, or creams that cool the patient’s skin.

The doctor will advise that patients stay clear of hot foods that are peppery or spicy. In addition, by wearing cool and comfortable clothing, the time a hot flash will last is said to decrease significantly. You may also need to cut back on some of the foods you like or normally include in the diet, and this includes alcohol. Many women drink a glass of wine with dinner, but this can cause the sudden onset of a hot flash too.

Speak to your urgent care doctor in Chandler about more ways to curb a hot flash in seconds or minutes – and ultimately for the long term.


We use our Hunter Douglas shutters in a unique way


Take a look around your house. Are you in love with the design you have chosen? To the colors inspire you? Does the furniture or rug speak volumes about your personality or your life? Do you walk into your house each day thinking that you are lucky to live in such a beautiful palace? If you answered no to any of the above questions you should call Jolynn and have her come to your home for an in-house consultation. Jolynn is a master interior designer who’s specialty are drapes and window coverings and how they can affect the overall design scheme of a house. By starting with the visual element your eyes are first attracted to, Jolynn can help you build around a theme for a cohesive design throughout your entire house. She has helped many people in changing the look and feel of their home and sometimes it can be as simple as adding some shutters or blinds or perhaps even just rearranging furniture and adding a dash of color here and there.

One of the best things about working with Jolynn is that she comes to your house instead of the other way around. It’s like having a pizza delivered it is that easy. Just call to set up an appointment and briefly discussed with her what you hope to achieve from your consultation. You may want to email her some pictures of the house and some inspirational ideas either from the catalog or images you have downloaded online. This way she can start to build up a mental image of what your house looks like and what sorts of aspirations you have for it.

Window treatments are often one of the cheapest and easiest ways to completely change the way your house is presented. Besides giving privacy and blocking out the sun, the right window treatments such as Hunter Douglas shades can really steal the show. These shades and shutters coming to variety of colors or stains if you choose the natural wood. They can stay in these natural wood shutters to match any other type of wood in your house because again a unified look brings it all together. When you combine your tastes and interests with the passion and skill of Jolynn the result something unexpected and marvelous. Often times neither party will be quite sure of what the end product will be but that is the beauty of being creative and working and design.

In order to correctly match up your Hunter Douglas blinds with the other elements in your house Jolynn will bring samples of various window coverings into your home so you can see them with the light and colors you’re surrounded with every day. It is a unique approach to design and a personal touch that is lost in many of today’s stores. By the time you’re completed with your project Jolynn will seem like an old friend and her passion for design will spill over and make you very enthused about your new space.

There are Linear Motion Systems that Operate on the Nanoscale.

linear motion systemsTechnological industries are some of the most rapidly growing fields in the nation, and the rest of the world, for that matter.  There are some pretty obvious reasons why this is the case.  Due to the rapid advancements that have been made in technology, we now need people to keep up with the advancements.  One type of technology that is changing everything we know is nanotechnology.  Nanotechnology is a term for technology that is operating on the nanoscale, which means it is too small to be seen, even with a microscope.  Because it is becoming such an integral part of various industries, there are now linear motion systems that operate on the nanoscale.  Linear motions systems are an important part of robotics.  The fact that they can be made to be precise enough to operate on the nanoscale is quite remarkable.  This means that these machines can be used in conjunction with nanotechnology.  They can even be used to test it.  This is good, since nanotechnology is likely to become increasingly prevalent in many different industries.  There are many different factors that have lead to the scientific communities obsession with nanotechnology.  For one thing, operating at that small of a level, enables them to use virtually no materials and very little energy.  As a matter of fact the way nano devices are manufactured is unlike any other form of assembly seen in the technological world.  Nano devices are assembled by use of chemical reactions.  Scientists can initiate these reactions, which cause tiny particles to assemble themselves into whatever pattern.  Depending on the chemicals and how they are used, the particles can be made into whatever shape or form you would want.  This means you can make a microscopic version of just about anything.  This will probably lead to the widespread use of nanotechnology, which is why engineers developed motion systems that are precise enough to work on the nanoscale.  These motion systems are used to test the motion behavior of nanotechnology.  There are many other aspects of nanotechnology that set it apart from any other type of technology.  One of the reasons for the slowness in the development of this technology is the fact that particles on the nanoscale behave very strangely.  Believe it or not, the laws of physics are totally different at the nano level, so it is necessary to have a background in quantum mechanics, in order to understand the details behind nanotechnology.  Apparently, the reason this is the case is the fact that the particles involved in nanotechnology are smaller than molecules.  When you get smaller than the molecular level, things get pretty strange.  However, this strangeness could be used to our advantage, if scientists figure out how to utilize it.  Because of its unique properties, nanotechnology could be used to accomplish things that are now the stuff of science fiction.  Right now, companies are racing to be the first to discover something new about nanotechnology, which is why so many advanced motion control systems are being purchased.